industrial metal fabrication and installation

About Us

The philosophy at Nu-Tech is simple

• Focus on the customer
• Strive for product excellence
• Evaluate success based on success
• Custom-fit our products to their needs
• Adhere to strict quality-control standards
• Let our customers tell you how we do business


Nu-Tech Metals Incorporated is a privately owned sheet metal fabrication company founded in 1940, Nu-Tech has undergone a series of changes over the years that have catapulted them into becoming a competitor for big business.

A long history of quality

Incorporated since 1993 and operating under the banner of Nu-Tech Metals Sales & Service, our 16,000 square foot fabrication facilities are situated in Thunder Bay, Ontario, centrally located to serve Canada’s Eastern and Western markets.

Our Business

At Nu-Tech, we maintain a core philosophy that focuses on product quality and a customer satisfaction guarantee.  Our company remains committed to meeting the needs of all its customers.  The staff at Nu-Tech Metals is cross-trained to provide greater flexibility so that they can easily adapt to changes in project requirements.  In addition, with the use of multiple suppliers, Nu-Tech Metals is able to meet the demands of rush replacement.  In any case, management is flexible to the needs of its customers and is always eager to grow its business.

We grow our business by staying active in our business; senior management is actively involved in day-to-day business, maintaining a strong focus on product and service delivery.  For example, the Shop Manager is responsible for overseeing the design, delivery and quality assurance of all metal-fabricated products before they enter/leave the production floor, while the Field Supervisor ensures the integrity of the customer’s project is upheld to the highest standard.


By focusing on quality and service, our organization aims to continue to grow and succeed through lasting relationships with customers and suppliers.  We do this through referrals and by maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Just ask our customers how we do!

“To provide customers with made-to-fit metal solutions by building a future into everything we design”

K. Felbel