rigid steel buildings



The RIGID STEEL BUILDING combines new technology and old fashioned quality to give you low cost custom design in a pre-engineered Frameless Building Kit. A RIGID STEEL BUILDING can be assembled anywhere, quickly and easily, without the expense of additional components or field fabrication and will provide years of maintenance free performance. The success of the RIGID STEEL BUILDING can be attributed to one main ingredient, quality. That’s the reason, since our founding in 1940, we have continued to build a future into everything we design.


Initial Cost

  • Considerably less than comparable structures
  • Easily assembled anywhere and continues to protect your budget

Roof System

  • Raised standing seam roof with pre-finished galvanized panels are standard in all “RIGID STEEL” buildings, guaranteeing a weather tight, maintenance free roof capable of accommodating R-40+ (RSI 7) insulation values

Wall System

  • Eliminating costly interior columns, the “RIGID STEEL” Building load bearing wall system allows flexibility in interior space utilization.
  • To increase energy conservation our buildings will easily accept R-20+ insulation values


  • Large component inventories ensure the shortest possible lead time. If required, we can offer turnaround times in as little as 3-4 weeks
  • Simplified erection techniques, utilized by you or your builder, result in faster occupancy
  • Can be disassembled and relocated very easily without damaging panels


    Computer technology and our highly trained professional staff ensure quality and accuracy in design to give you one of the most advanced, precisely engineered steel building systems on the market

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